Monday, 19 October 2015

The Conservative track record … or: I might have been born at night but it wasn’t last night… (October 19, 2015)

In spite of a looming recession, the use of tax dollars to bribe Canadians to vote Conservative (a bribe many families will have to pay back via taxes after election)

In spite of recession Conservatives ensure that Canadian taxpayers will pay tens of millions extra due to lengthy election campaign

Currency in free fall

Didn’t see 2008 or 2015 recessions coming – denied their existence

Prime Minister opposes Senate but appointed 59 Senators

Prime Minister refuses to take responsibility for the appointments he has made

‘1984’-like use of Foreign Affairs to remind people, via quotas, about the threat of terrorism

Prime Minister is anti-drug and tough-on-crime – except when it comes to pal Rob Ford 

Contempt of Parliament

Disdain of Elections Canada

Disdain of Provincial Governments

Scorn for citizens of Alberta and Ontario (not respecting their recent electoral choices)

Trivializing electoral fraud

Appointment of Mike Duffy

Appointment of Pamela Wallin

Appointment of Patrick Brazeau

Appointment of Don Meredith

Opposition to omnibus bills – except Conservative omnibus bills 

Proroguing Parliament

Dean Del Mastro – parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister

Nigel Wright – chief of staff to Prime Minister

Tom Flanagan (see writings on Aboriginal issues) – Harper campaign manager

Tom Lawson – Chief of the Defence Staff

Claims to love democracy but secretive Saudi Arabia arms deal

Claims to love democracy but embracing and expanding trade with China

Always pro military except when it comes to veterans and serving women

Always pro family – although a very specific configuration of family – home owners with children… or better yet sports-playing children.

Generally oblivious regarding Aboriginal issues  (Stephen Harper: “These milestones remind us of a proud national story rooted in the great deeds of our ancestors and in a centuries-old constitutional legacy of freedom.”)

Overt contempt for media, scientific information, statistical data and legal rulings that do not conform to Conservative ideology

Against long gun registry and long-form census but otherwise very much in favor of government surveillance